Intellektual'nye Sistemy.
Teoriya i Prilozheniya
(Intelligent Systems.
Theory and Applications)

XII International Conference "Intelligent Systems and Computer Science" Abstract submission form

Extended abstracts submitted to the Conference must comply with the following guidelines:

  1. The abstracts are submitted in LaTeX format. Support for other formats will be added later.
  2. The abstracts must be up to 4 pages long.
  3. The main TeX file must be named main.tex. Please use the following preamble. Prior to compiling submitted abstracts preambles provided by the authors will be replaced with the standard one.
  4. Bibliography must be formatted using amsbib package (article with examples of use)
  5. We recommend to use PGF/TikZ packages to draw figures. All figures must be grayscale. Detailed instructions, short article.
  6. A short (up to one or two paragraphs) abstract and keywords must be placed in the separate file annotation_eng.tex.
  7. Information about the authors must be placed in the separate file authors.tex.
  8. Full information about the authors must be placed in the separate file authors_info.txt. This file must include full names, affiliation, position, academic degrees and titles (if any), contact phones (with city and country code), e-mail, postal address, full name of scientific supervisors (for students) and section of the Conference (one from the list
    • Mathematics and Computer Science;
    • Big Data Mining;
    • Natural Language Processing;
    • Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Intelligence;
    • Intelligent Control, Robotic and Biomechatronic Systems;
    • Neuromorphic Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Systems;
    • Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence and Neural Interface Technologies, including a separate subsection on Artificial Intelligence in Education;
    • Knowledge Representation and Automated Reasoning.
  9. All files must be placed into a single zip archive. Download the example.
  10. Please check that the design of the extended abstract matches the design of the example (download the example).
Abstracts that violate these requirements can be rejected without any explanation.

If you have any problems with sending a theses, write to the e-mail ioberger at

After clicking on "Generate theses" download your theses by clicking "Download PDF", check that everything is correct and, if everything is correct, click on the button "Send theses to the editor".