Intellektual'nye Sistemy.
Teoriya i Prilozheniya
(Intelligent Systems.
Theory and Applications)


The journal “Intelligent systems. Theory and Applications” (“Intellektual'nye Sistemy. Teoriya i Prilozheniya”) has been published since 1996, ISSN 2411-4448 (until 2014 the journal was called “Intelligent Systems”, ISSN 2075-9460).

Aim and Scope

The aim of the journal “Intelligent Systems. Theory and Applications” is to bring together research papers on theories of intelligent systems, automata, pattern recognition, databases, intelligent problem solvers, learning systems, information security, theoretical informatics, mathematical biology, mathematical economics, synthesis of control systems. The main problems of these areas are investigated. A distinctive feature of the journal is that it contains works on general issues of intelligent systems, on specific types of intelligent systems and on the mathematical apparatus with which it is possible to solve problems of the first and second type.

Publication Frequency

The publication frequency is 4-6 times a year, circulation is 200 copies.

Open Access

The journal is distributed by subscription. The terms are published in the Rospechat catalog, journal index 64559. Access to the electronic version of the last published issue is carried out through the National Electronic Library "Russian Science Citation Index". Previously published issues are posted on the website and are free to access.