Intellektual'nye Sistemy.
Teoriya i Prilozheniya
(Intelligent Systems.
Theory and Applications)

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

The Editorial Board of the journal “Intelligent Systems. Theory and Applications” adheres to the ethical norms and standards accepted by the international scientific community as exemplars of the best practice. In particular, the editorial board follows the principles established by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and the guidance on the ethics of scientific publications of Elsevier.

Duties of Editors

Duties of Reviewers

Duties of Authors

When a conflict of interests arising, all the participants (authors, reviewers, editorial representatives, other members of the editorial board) should inform the editorial board. If reviewers have any conflict of interest with the author that may influence the decision to publish the manuscript, they are excluded from the process of working on an article. All the contentions questions are considered in the board meeting.