Compliance with Ethical Norms

The Editorial Board of the journal “Intelligent Systems. Theory and Applications” adheres to the ethical norms and standards accepted by the international scientific community as exemplars of the best practice. In particular, the editorial board follows the principles established by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

The editorial board also complies with all legal requirements regarding copyright, enshrined in legislative acts of the Russian Federation.

Along with this, the Editorial Board does its best to support the basic principles of treating scientific information:

The Editorial Board monitors the copyright in regard to the articles published in the journal.

The Editorial Board of the journal “Intelligent Systems. Theory and Applications” claims that as it performs its duties there is an absence of abuse and conflict of interests.

The Author (or a Group of Authors) is guided by the following principles when preparing and submitting the manuscript for publication:

While submitting the paper, the author has to confirm that it had not been published before or accepted for publication in another scientific journal. The Editorial Board requests those providing a link to a paper published in the journal “Intelligent Systems. Theory and Applications” to post the link (the full URL of the material) on the official website of the journal. The papers previously posted by the authors on personal and public websites unrelated to other publishers can be admitted for consideration.

The Referee performing expert evaluation of the materials submitted by the authors is guided by the following principles: